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The 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC54) was established in 1952. It is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, and covers an area of about two square kilometers. CETC54 was the first telecommunications research institute to be founded by China Government. After 60 years of development, it has grown into one of the leading comprehensive research institutes in the field of electronics and information. As a research institute with a very large scale and broad specialties, its total staff numbers more than 6,000, including 3,600 R&D staff, more than 800 senior engineers, and around 2,000 technicians and skilled workers. In particular, one research fellow was given an award by the Chinese Academy of Engineering. CETC54 has an educational college which has the right to award master’s degrees, and it also possesses the largest postdoctoral research center in Hebei Province. So far, the institute has produced 2,974 scientific research achievements, 200 of which have reached the international level, and more than 100 of which have received national awards. It has also been granted 338 patents.

CETC54 has strong technical capabilities and broad specializations. It has nine research divisions, four national and ministry level R&D centers, one national laboratory, four professional manufacturing factories, one composite material processing center and three field test ranges. With high-level research and manufacturing facilities, strong system design and new technology development capabilities, total quality control, information supporting, and rich overseas engineering experience, the institute is able to provide total solutions and equipment to the following fields:

● Communications

* Satellite Communication and Broadcasting & TV

* Microwave & Troposcatter Communication

* Mobile Communication

* HF/VHF/UHF Communication

* Switches

* Integrated Service Network

● Satellite Navigation and Positioning

● Aviation & Aerospace Telemetry and Telecontrol

● Radio Spectrum Monitoring

● Aerospace Electronic Information System and Integrated Application

CETC54 constantly pursues the goals of “Quality, Reputation, Innovation, and Forging Ahead”. It aims to do its utmost to provide the best products and services for domestic and international customers in different applications that span electronic system engineering research and design, equipment R&D and production, and also technical development and consultation. The institute has the capability of providing system engineering turnkey projects, collaborative operation and production, and new products development. The institute has and will continue to serve society with its first-class staff, products, management and services.

Qualification & Certification

★ Quality Management System Certification

★ Overseas Engineering Contract Qualification

★ Electronic Project Construction Qualification (A-class)

★ Electronic Project Consultant Qualification (A-class)

★ Computer and Information System Integration Qualification

★ Import and Export Business Qualification

★ National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Communication System and Equipment

★ National Legal Measurement Inspection Institution Authorized Certification

★ Ratification of National Satellite Navigation Product Authentication Institution